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Green is the only way forward


About us

M.C. Ordinatio Compost provides reliable scheduled

collection services for managing degradable and

non-bridgeable waste, and related compostable to

businesses in the Larnaca area. Our customers include

nursery, hotels, markets, offices, and schools, ect.


Our Mission

M.C. Ordinatio Compost’s mission is double. Our first

responsibility is to provide municipalities and other

private companies with an economical, alternative solution for the disposal of waste. Secondly, is to provide a top quality, recycled material to the consumer so that they may benefit from compost any good properties and organic elements.



Our vision aims at creating a “greener” environment in Cyprus and a world where landfills are no longer necessary. We believe that the recycling of organic materials is central to achieving healthy soils, clean water and a sustainable society.


Our Story

Ten years ago, during a visit to a European city, we saw landfills in the middle of the city.  It was awesome; everything was perfect, clean and nothing smelled. After witnessing this, we strongly believed that we can apply this in Cyprus. So we attempted to set up a composting unit.

The environmental problems caused by landfills are numerous with various side-effects. While there are many problems with landfills, the negative effects are most commonly placed into two distinct categories: atmospheric effects and hydrological effects.

Many small steps from all people can often amount to a large move forward, and there are certainly a few things that everyone can change to become less wasteful. All of us we can make a “greener” Cyprus. Let’s try!!! 



Go green with us



Products and Services


Our products and services offer much-needed solutions to municipalities and the market for soil enhancement products. M.C. Ordinatio Compost will be the market leader as the first company in the Larnaca district to collect, compost, and recycle green waste for use of mixed soil, briquettes and pellets. The company realizes that consumers today are more conscious for environment. Due to this, there is a growing trend among consumers to move away from traditional product to green products. We will offer one major service and four products. Our major service will be to offer an alternative mean for disposing green waste. Our product mix is mix soil, compost, briquette and pellet.








Our Position

     Compost Cyprus


Our Position

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Plot 437

Tersefanou, 6301


Why Compost?

Composting is an inexpensive, natural process that transforms your kitchen and garden waste into a valuable and nutrient rich food for your garden. It's easy to make and use.
Composting is good for several reasons:
1) Its saves water by helping the soil hold moisture and reduce water runoff.
2) It benefits the environment by recycling organic resources while conserving landfill space.
3) It reduces the need for commercial soil conditioners and fertilizers.

What is Composting?


Many gardeners rely on nature to nurture their gardens by choosing compost-based soil mixes over chemical fertilizers. Compost is decomposed organic matter – it is the ecological alternative to burning or burying organic waste. Not only is it an environmentally-friendly product; it is also full of nutrients and useful microorganisms.
The process starts here at this composting unit where manure from farms, biodegradable solid waste from paper, wood chips and bark, and grass clippings and leaves from municipalities are collected. Some materials arrive in bulk whereas others in individual garbage bags. Workers carefully inspect the materials removing any non-biodegradable objects that may have been placed or collected, such as pieces of plastic or rubber, metal, shards of glass, or stones. After, combining all the waste ingredients together the mixture is stocked in outdoor piles to decompose.

The process is designed to create an ideal environment for live microorganisms, billions of bacteria and fungus to grow and reproduce by feeding on the nitrogen and carbon that are naturally present in the organic matter. The waste is slowly and gradually transformed into compost, which when ready will resemble rich, black earth. The microbiological activity keeps the waste piles steaming at sixty-five degrees Celsius, even dunning winter. The active breakdown phase takes 6 to 10 months. A securing phase follows for an additional 6 to 8 months, at the end of which the compost stabilizes due to the exposure of the outdoor piles to precipitation. High concentrations of nitrogen phosphorus and potassium leach into the runoff water drainage ditches, collecting the water and carried into holding ponds. From there, it goes through a treatment system consisting mainly of aeration and setting ponds. Any chemical compounds and pollutants bond and settle at the surface to be skimmed off the treated water. The compost undergoes a screening process, which removes any lumps or foreign objects such as pebbles or partially decomposed wood chips. Before the compost is sent to market it also undergoes strict quality control testing.

What to Compost?


Green: provide important nitrogen and moisture

  1. Tea bags

  2. Grass cutting

  3. Vegetable peelings, a salad leaves and fruits scraps

  4. Old flowers and nettles

  5. Coffee grounds and filter paper

  6. Spent bedding plants 

  7. Rhubarb leaves

  8. Young animal weeds

  9. Citrus rinds

  10. Fruit waste

Browns: provide carbon and fiber and allows air pockets to form 

  1. Cardboard 

  2. Egg boxes 

  3. Scrunched up paper

  4. Fallen leaves

  5. Most sawdust

  6. Twigs, branches and bark  

  7. Chopped woody pruning

  8. Pine needles 

  9. Dried grass

  10. Straw

  11. Shredded paper 

  12. Old potting mix 


  1. Meat 

  2. Cooked vegetable

  3. Dairy products

  4. Diseased plants 

  5. Dog poo or cat litter (animals waste)

  6. Nappies 

  7. Perennial weeds or weeds with seed hends  

  8. Soil/ dirt 

  9. Sawdust from plywood

LAcon certification.png
Compost & soil categories


Our top quality compost is examined and is certified by LACON Institute as suitable for organic use.

One of the highest quality product in the market available in bulk amounts at our facility.

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